Children Are Really Special, Inc
3804 Barbourville Road
London, KY 40744
Phone 606-878-5839 or Cell # 606-521-4156

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Children Are Really Special, Inc, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the London community.
First Priority / Students reaching Students
Cumberland Valley Children's Advocacy Center
Comment..Tracy Miller from Cumberland Valley Children's Advocacy Center. The $1,000.00 donation for 2016 will supply much needed items for the Children who visit our center. Additional programs are being consider for the upcoming years ahead.  We were proud to have supported CVCAC again in 2017 with $1,000.00.          Thank you for what you do.....The C.A.R.S. Team
$1,000.00 presented to First Priority for the year 2016, these funds will help the program continue to reach out to other students and the Community, leading and teaching the younger generation about Christ. Check presented to Tim Bargo by JD Hensley, Arvel Coots and Jack Warren. So proud to have supported FP again in 2017 with $1,000.00 donation.

Keep up the good work Tim, David, and Daniel.   
UK Children's Hospital
We are proud to support the UK Children's Hospital. Board Members JD Hensley, Arvel Coots and Jack Warren present the 2016 donation of $1,000.00 to Oscar Miller. Delivery by hand to the UK Children's Hospital.
We were proud to support the Charity again with $1,000.00 in 2017.

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2018  C.A.R.S  Officers & Board Members     

Arvel Coots -President     Ph # 606-682-1091
Jack Warren -Vice President    Ph # 606-767-1169
Oscar Miller -Chairman   Ph # 606-657-6653
Carolyn Bowling- Treasurer Ph # 606-878-5839 / 606-521-4156
Susan Warren & Joanna Forbes- Co- Treasurer
Pam Wagers -Secretary 606-877-3532 or 606-224-5184

 Herman Bowling                        606-521-4156
 Bill Forbes                                   606-231-4173 
 Gerald Gregory                          606-878-9231
 Todd Callihan                            606-224-3563
 Marvin Lawson       
 Justin Calvert 
 Mike Burkhart                        606-309-4953
 Chris Wagers                           606-878-7174        
 Joe Gregory  
 James Frazier     
 Nick Coots
 Shannon Coots   
 Jonathan Burkhart  
 JD Hensley
Russell Vanover
James Wagers
James Wombles                          606-309-5199
David Pope                                   803-873-1313
Robert Watts
Kyle Thorpe
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The C.A.R.S. Team 
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